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Power of Mouna (Silence)

My post last Sunday was about reaching out to your friends/family and holding space for others. Reading that some one reached out.A friend with whom I had not spoken in many years.We just saw each other’s posts on LinkedIn and Facebook and occasionally liked them.She said she wanted to speak.I offered a video call hoping she may want me to be present.She jumped at it and when she called all she did was cry.No words were spoken, no hi-hellos were exchanged.All she did was let her emotions flow.There was pain, there was sadness in those tears and all I could do then was hold the space for her to decide how she wanted to communicate with me.The communication, as I realised, didn’t need any words.Her tears were enough.And all of a sudden she was quiet.We were in that space for almost 5 minutes.I could just hear raindrops outside the window against which she was leaning.And then, I saw her smile.I smiled backed knowing that she probably spoke a lot in first 15 minutes when she let her emot…
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Nurturing Others!

A young individual in his late 20’s reached out early last year as he wanted a sounding board for something that had been on his mind for a longest time.After series of ugly break ups, he finally found a girl who he really wanted to settle down with.The girl, apparently, had her own share of ups and downs and therefore was leaving no stone unturned to ensure that their meaningful relationship stayed.
The hiccup in this was the energies that they put in to make the relationship work.The boy had a hard time letting go of the past which sometimes made him inaccessible to the girl, emotionally.The girl in her quest to let the guy stay tried every trick that relationship experts across the globe had to throw her way, making her emotionally confused and struggling.What seemed like a beautiful relationship from outside, was actually an unauthentic association that thrived on struggles, uncertainty, lack of trust and communication, lack of self-love and respect for own space and boundaries a…

Counting Myself In

I always was a class monitor in my school and one of my favorite activities as a monitor was to count the number of students in the class before and after the break.As I reported those numbers, I would always be wrong or rather, short by 1 student.And that would be me.I would not count myself in.

Many moons later (last week to be precise) I was doing some work where I had to map people to some mentors and I was doubling up as a mentor myself in that activity.As I went around counting numbers again, I realized while I had mapped people to mentors, I forgot to count myself in the list once again.

Isn’t that ironical how we tend to, numerous times, in our lives also forget to ‘Count ourselves’ in the game of life? We hear stories of women who forget to count their dreams in the pursuit to please  society around them or of men who forget to live their lives because they have to ensure the hygiene check boxes are ticked for their families all the time.In my numerous interactions with peop…

Musings on Being Happy!

My last post on Facebook (on August 15th), defined my idea of Freedom.  Everything that makes me feel free in my spirit, soul and heart.  It probably didn’t go down well with a few critics who messaged saying that my idea of life is too idealistic and that I have lost touch of reality.  The message to me was “face the fact that there are issues around and stop always being so positive and upbeat about life as if the world is a perfect place to live in”..(In so many words)..
Thank you critics for inspiring me to write this blog.  This blog is also a trigger from a deep conversation that I had with a friend who was kind enough to open his heart and let me peep into his vulnerabilities.  I don’t mean to shut my critic, please keep inspiring and I hope that what I write here today resonates with many at large and my friends, in particular.
I liked what my critics said – World is not a perfect place to live in.. but for me “the world begins with me”. I have still not seen the entire world ou…

Packet of GEMS

Ever opened a packet of Cadbury GEMS or M&Ms to find button like shapes in different colors? Did you want to grab and devour each one of them even when you knew that its core is all chocolate and that’s how it is within every button? Looking back at the time when I last had a packet of GEMS (which was a few minutes ago); my relationship of joy with that packet was in exploring different colors like Blue; Orange; Green and Yellow and knowing that they will all lead up to a delightful shot of chocolate at its core.
My GEMS moment happened yesterday at Believe in Yourself Coaching Festival where a different packet of GEMS was opened up for the participants to devour. It was all up for grabs…take how much you can, consume all that you can and we even got to take some of those packets home.  Celebrating Coaching; Authenticity, Purpose and Passion amongst various other things; the festival was all about getting people from different walks of lives to share their life journeys and experie…

Making of a Star!

It is that time of the year when transition is in the air. A transition that is full of anticipation for a new life ahead, anxieties of having to spendten hours a day with unfamiliar people; the joy (and sometimes sadness) of leaving a memorable campus life behind and overall an enthusiasm of stepping into a new life, called by most – ‘A Career’.
In my last 14 years of being associated with the Human Resources function; I have seen some individuals manage this transition really well and some messing it up to the point of no reversal.  The individuals who managed this transition very well did something right/displayed the behaviors that made them likable at work; got them new mentors at each stage of their professional journey; helped them positively influence/collaborate with colleagues at work and over all made them better and successful professionals over many years.
So here are some of those observations on what has worked for many in the first 90 days out of campus that helped them…

Relationship Abundance

Happened to meet a dreamy eyed 20 something girl yesterday and in one of our casual conversations happened to ask her what is the next big thing in her life that she is looking forward to. The dreams and aspirations of people say so much about them; their hopes; their beliefs and their lives in general and I wanted to connect with her hopes and beliefs at the level of her dreams then.
She mentioned that the next big thing that she is dreaming about is finding her knight in shining armor.Someone who she can complete; some who can complete her and fulfill the little void that life has naturally brought in her.She seemed quite sure that every life has some void and we always long for someone; a companion in the journey who will mend the broken pieces and put our life together in its totality for us.
And that got me thinking – Is it always so? Is that the most logical way to approach any relationship? With a lens of its ability to complete something or mend something.Can it just not be abou…